post opulence perfumery

Post Opulence Perfumery™ is a new concept by Mr. Nares to describe his vision about luxury: high-end fragrances that come wrapped in ‘dragonfly wings’, a biodegradable outer cover.

All our bottles are transformed into gems by hand polishing all six facets, therefore, no two bottles are the same.

The world of perfume creation is like alchemy: always looking for the perfect recipe, with the most intriguing effect, the most attractive olfactory blends, addressing the balance between desire and intrusion, creating the ‘unobtanium’ of fragrances, which is best described as:

means: “BEAUTIFUL THINGS ARE complicated”

We, Lust for Redolence, are a small artisan laboratory where we create organic perfumes with oils refined from nature and non-toxic chemicals.

We mature each of our fragrances for at least one year in house after which we mix them with Pinocembrin. As final process we freeze our newly-born essences of perfume™ at -20℃ and filter them under high pressure (9 bars).

Even if it is complicated, our dreams are thoughtfully materialised with eagerness to create phenomenal and singular fragrances, and this brings us a great deal of satisfaction. Handcrafted, bottled, and packed by us, with incredible love and devotion for our work, with particular care for our customers, our essence of perfume™ aims to please, amaze, intrigue and excite. 


Our philosophy is to translate the ingredients and the whole project of each of our perfumes into a celebration of nature, of health and wellbeing, therefore we have introduced for the first time in the perfume industry, a substance called Pinocembrin, in all our products. Appreciated for centuries as a universal panacea and a treasured gift from our beloved honey bees, this natural flavonoid is known to have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties, offering at the same time a non-toxic natural extra sillage of our perfumes  on your body.

All the feelings that we have bottled are trying to blend your unique personality and style with our chemistry to catalyse the exposure of your happiness, because we all know: HAPPINESS is what makes us truly beautiful. There are only a couple of moments in life when we release oxytocin and we hope that we can trigger an additional moment.

Save the planet or
better, let us love ourselves more?

We all like to portray ourselves as ‘saviours of the planet’, but at Lust for Redolence we tend to see things a bit differently. Our old beloved Terra does not suffer from our pollution, everything that we produce, recycle, or pollute with. It’s just a cycle, what comes out of it goes back to it, this old rock floating in space will probably be here a long time after we disappear.

The only things we hurt are ourselves and other living organisms around us, so, we think it is time to love ourselves more by at least trying not to harm the natural balance in which we live. 

We ethically source only eco-sustainable, IFRA certified ingredients from ISO9001 certified companies, working hard to design recipes that preserve the natural qualities, that have a skin-safe composition. 

We do not use phthalates, parabens, nickel, or animal extracted aromatics, which means we are creating a vegan, sustainable and cruelty-free product. Even more, we have tried to limit the use of plastic and do away with the foam inserts in our packaging, therefore we have introduced a beautiful (simple yet complicated) paper origami insert to protect the bottle with style (the origami is sealed with a special natural sealant that smells like an original oil on canvas, being lithographically printed with our lovely personalised paintings for a complete ‘wow’ experience ). 

‘Dragonfly wings’ exterior wrap and the thread sewn to seal is 100% cotton, therefore both are biodegradable.

All the paper we use is either FSC certified or recycled.

The rest of the materials which are not biodegradable are widely recyclable. Unfortunately, as much as we tried to get rid of them altogether, it is not possible with the actual technology as we need plastic for the atomiser mechanism and even if we have a glass cap and bottle, the o-ring is made of plastic. 

Synaesthesia and a flavour of Art

In our quest to offer you a wonderful experience, we have tried to make all your senses and spirit communicate at a higher level when unboxing, so we paid a great deal of attention to every detail.

The feeling, the sounds you hear when tearing the outer wrap, the touching, the seeing, the pulling and smelling of the insert, and, in the much-expected end, the spraying followed by a long pleasureful AAAAHHH…

But how can you smell for example, purple or black? Because words are not enough, we have invited a PhD, Sophia Cristina Lauric to contribute with her art to express our products.

She was summoned to visually illustrate each of our fragrances and her work accompanies every bottle.

The dream painter has spoken with colours, projecting the story of Lust for Redolence. 

Mr. Nares is our
Frolicsome Chemist


Mr. Nares, our experienced perfumer, having a huge passion for organic chemistry, created the secret ingredient for our perfumes which he call Lust.

He imagined Lust as a garment made of the sacred bond between smell, designing good memories and reminiscence.

The idea behind his work is to put together all those ingredients that inspire attraction and love, he is REDOLENCE. 

I believe that true luxury does not have to be seen, but to be smelt!

LUST is to be perceived as a secret ingredient.

I gathered and blended scents to create a sophisticated tool that gives you the power to inspire love. 

We all know that scents can awaken our greatest memories, smells can take us far away in fractions of seconds, they can transport us instantly to a garden with blooming flowers, to the shade of a mouldy tree on a hot summer, to our mother’s kitchen when she first cooked with care our now favourite cake, or at the time of our very first kiss. 

After stripping off your clothes and jewellery, the only thing covering you will be our perfume! LET US DRESS YOU!

Our bodies have a distinct perfume which is the engine of our attractiveness; I designed Lust to enhance exactly this: your own perfume, your own seductive touch.

Also, the blends I created can impact on your state of mind to invoke happiness. 

Close your eyes, feel my creation. Who am I to tell you if a fragrance should be used by a woman or a man? We bottle feelings and experiences, we let you explore and decide if the perfect blend has been achieved so, that is why we do not give you too much information about the olfactory notes in the description. 

We wish to awaken your childish curiosity, so we invite you to try our Discovery Sets to find your favourite and please, try only one per day.