Mysterious / Woody / Aromatic




White wrinkled sheets saturated with yearning desire, it is time for a new start. 

You just realised that forgiving and understanding, letting the past wash away but embracing the knowledge achieved, made you a better person. Reading Nietzsche, Ibn al Haytham and Sartre in a particle of morning shadow. 

We bottled for you a burst of desire accompanied by a mysterious encounter between lust and mind-blowing contemplation.

Expose your forged and powerful personality, let them admire you!

  • Eco Friendly
    We are ethically sourcing from ISO 9001 certified companies around the world only eco-sustainable, IFRA approved ingredients, working hard to design eco-friendly packaging by replacing all foam inserts and plastic exterior wrapping with bio-degradable materials, whilst adding a touch of art to each essence of perfume™️ box.
  • Top Quality Care
    Our philosophy is to undeniably translate the ingredients and the whole project into a celebration of nature, of health and wellbeing, therefore we have introduced for the first time in the perfume industry, in all our products, Pinocembrin, a natural panacea to embolden even those with a sensitive skin.
  • Hand Made
    Hand crafted, bottled and packed with incredible love and devotion for our work, with great respect and care for our customers and the environment, our essence of perfume™️ aims to please, amaze, intrigue and excite.